Evernote Alternatives: Best Notes Taking Apps You Should Know

For those us who like to maintain a home office, note-taking Apps are more than a need. Even if you work in an office environment, note-taking is a common thing, and you should not have always to rush for a pen/pencil at the same time someone’s asking you to jot down a phone number or an address perhaps before we scribble the top or bottom of a newspaper, at least that’s what I did until I decided to make a switch to the 21st century digitized cloud-based alternative, and frankly, it has been a good move on my part.

Actually, I didn’t want to mention Evernote in this article, because it is about Evernote Alternatives, but it would be sinful not to say an App that gained so much love and popularity among millions of its users before it got…well, the word is “greedy”!

I do not see any reason to limit an App’s usability in the Basic (Free) version just because you want to promote the paid features. Hardly I have saw something like Evernote that has actually touched our work lives for the better part.  With its’ multi-platform sharing feature, quick notes and organization features, I am (or rather used to be) completely in awe of it. But, all good things come to an end so without further a do, let’s take a look at some free equivalent Evernote alternative apps for Android 2017. shall we?

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Top Best Evernote Alternatives For Android 2017

1. Microsoft’s OneNote

If there’s a successful successor to Evernote, then it’s OneNote. If you haven’t used it already, you must seriously consider switching. It is everything you need and is available on all computer and mobile platforms & free to download on Google Play and Apple App Store.

If you have been an Evernote fan for its’ use of Web Clippers, Tags, and Note Search, then you will find OneNote to be similar in functionality but a notch more potent because it can perform things Evernote can never do, such as, handwriting input, drawing, mathematical functions input and simply a neat interface.


It is entirely free! Can be downloaded even as a standalone on all devices.


It can be saved to your device or OneDrive but lacks shareability with Dropbox or Google Drive.   DownloadQR-Code Microsoft OneNote Developer: Microsoft Corporation Price: Free   

2. Google Keep

In my opinion, I think Google Keep is underrated. It is straightforward and easy to use. You don’t even need a tutorial for it; it took me all of 13 seconds to understand its use (I timed myself!). You can share it around with your pals connected across Google Apps, YouTube, Hangouts, etc.

You can add a title and proceed listing items in your “To Do” list which you can tick off when you’re done, or even set them as a reminder. Not sure how many are using it because Evernote clearly dominated the world up until now.


Free to use, multiplatform availability & shareability, nice use of color codes and speech to text feature.


Not really a file organizer, a stack of notes cannot be made into a notebook.   DownloadQR-Code Google Keep – Notes and Lists Developer: Google LLC Price: Free   

3. Simplenote

If your taste is not in the App design, it’s’ stylish features and shareability, then Simplenote & you are a match made in Heaven.


It’s Free, lightweight, basic, and takes notes like a good secretary!


Lacks data types, no provision to save scanned docs, images, videos.   DownloadQR-Code Simplenote Developer: Automattic, Inc Price: Free   

4. Fetchnotes

A great pick for Android would be the note taking App, Fetchnotes. It adds hashtags to the folders automatically. It is very similar to Letterspace but has far better features. Allows you to share notes with friends.


It’s Free! Available on Android, iOS, & as a web version.


No client for PC or Mac or Linux exists.   DownloadQR-Code Fetchnotes Developer: Fetchnotes Price: Free   

5. Google Docs

Your everyday Doc creator can now be used as a note taker also. You have no excuse to forget to collect folders from your computer. Everything is cloud-based and available all across Android and iOS and the Web! Use it to love it!


Autosaves everything you write, available across all platforms and ready for offline use.


All you need is a Google Account. So if you haven’t yet switched to Google yet, you should!   DownloadQR-Code Google Docs Developer: Google LLC Price: Free   

6. Quip

An all-in-one app designed for members of a group and enables them to create, edit documents such as text files and spreadsheets, in real-time. It has a fantastic feature that gives it an edge over MS Office and Google Docs, that is, revision history & document chat.


Promotes a lot of use for teams. Alternative to MS Office and Google Docs.


Sorting through and re-finding your notes/documents is complicated and also, there are no tags!   DownloadQR-Code Quip: Docs, Chat, Spreadsheets Developer: Quip, Inc. Price: Free   

7. FiiNote

A cool app that lets you type notes draw figures or write a mathematical formula, symbols with stylus support is FiiNote. Images, videos, and voice can also be added. Organizes books, tags, bookmarks and calendars and is shareable all across Google’s apps.


Fewer permissions are needed. Supports link to cloud & syncs to the computer.


If you’re running an older version than 10.2, then you’d probably be a bit annoyed with a bug that clones pages and also asks for password after every update.   DownloadQR-Code FiiNote, note everything Developer: flyable Price: Free   

8. SomNote

If you are more of a thinker and see the purpose in maintaining a diary-like app, then SomNote is made just for you. The features you get to see in this, you probably would in any other app that I have listed above.

It follows a folder system that offers easier organization, and even password protects them if you want to keep it secure. You also have theme options. If you get a lot of ideas, say for Blogging or writing an article, then this is a must for you, folks!


Neatly color coded folders and password protection offers an added level of security especially for professional content writers, bloggers, and copywriters. Synchronizable over different devices and cloud.


Files aren’t recoverable in the Basic version. It uses cloud service, but offline data recoverability is only available for an upgraded version. Also, Ads might bug you sometimes.   DownloadQR-Code SomNote – Beautiful note app Developer: Wizard Works Inc. Price: Free+


These were some of our best picks for possible alternatives to Evernote for Android, but if you regularly use an App for note taking, do share with us and the community.

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