Best App Lockers For Android 2019

There is two scenario, where you need to maintain your privacy at most. They are, everything remains private for most of the folks, they have to hide the pictures in the gallery, Whatsapp text messages, videos, and others. Secondly, suppose if your smartphone reach any third person chances are high your personal files would be leaked or even misused in some cases. These two instances push you to bury smartphone with some smart app lockers.

So, let’s see some of the top best app lockers for Android 2017 to safeguard your personal files. Let’s dive in!

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List Of Top best app lockers for Android 2017

1. App Lock

Without denying App Lock is the “to go” solution to secure your applications and private stuff. Upon installing, you have to set the pattern and the security email. Then you’ll be greeted by the intuitive user interface. You have to click on the lock symbol to encrypt the app or service, click again to de-encrypt. For securing your personal files like photos and images, you’ll get two options “photo vault” and “videos vault.” You can add the multimedia that need to be secured.

Apart from the pattern, you can also set the pin as a password. The power saving mode, advanced protection, random keyboard while entering passwords are noticeable features of App lock for android. Well, a decent app with impressive features!   DownloadQR-Code AppLock Developer: DoMobile Lab Price: Free+

2. Perfect App Lock

If you need every little detail to be perfect, then this would be your option. Apart from locking the specific apps, you can annoy the attacker with flash messages and warnings. Well, that being said, you can even enable or disable the auto-rotate, brightness for the specific applications. Like App Lock, you can set pattern or pin as the security encryption. Here you can customize the lock screen the way you need; this includes keyboard, backgrounds, and others.

After the three consecutive password attempts, this app takes the photo of the person through the front camera. This unusual feature is called as a watchdog. Pro version enables you to tighten your fortification.   DownloadQR-Code Perfect AppLock(App Protector) Developer: Morrison Software Price: Free   

3. ES App Locker

Simple yet necessary App locker to secure your instant messengers like Snapchat, Whatsapp, and other applications. First, you have to select the applications you have to lock and set the pattern (join any three dots), enter the security question and answer you are good to go. Well nothing special, you have the basic options with clean UI.

You can disallow the app uninstallation, hide trajectory and quite a few options are available. If you need the basic options and don’t have to mess around with other things, ES App locker would be your destination. After all, free license pushes us to have one!   DownloadQR-Code ES App Locker Developer: DU Apps Price: Free   

4. Clean Master

Clean Master is the optimizing Android application that sheds its shadow in the privacy as well. The built-in app lock facilitates users to secure their confidential data. Upon landing on the app locker, you have to setup the pattern and go ahead to lock the applications you have to set the encryption for. You can enable the intruder selfie feature, which takes the photo of the person who enters the wrong pattern after certain successive attempts.

You will not get too many options to explore; Clean Master stick with the central theme. You can hide notifications and widgets, that’s all you can do with the Clean master, that’s what everyone needs!   DownloadQR-Code Clean Master – Antivirus, Applock & Cleaner Developer: Cheetah Mobile Price: Free+

5. Leo Privacy Guard

Leo Privacy is the rising star in the game with the professional user interface and some strong features. As usual, you’ll get the app lock with the bundle, along with that you’ll also bless with some privacy features. With the hide images and videos, all your private videos wouldn’t be exposed in the gallery or anywhere; you have manually unlocked them to get.

With the features like Anti-theft, Harassment intercept, break-in alerts, shortcut assistant you no longer have to install separate applications. Among them, Harassment intercept is an exclusive feature that one needs these days; you can block any calls by adding the numbers to the block list. We have a review about this app here.   DownloadQR-Code Private Zone – AppLock, Video & Photo Vault Developer: Leomaster(AppLock & Privacy) Price: Free+

6. Hexlock

 With over six different profiles, you no have to tune the settings. Smart location lock is crucial is you an avid traveler, it automatically locks your phone when it is connected to a different network or in other location other than the native one. Like other app locks, you can lock the multimedia files using the feature called media vault. You can even enable the uninstall prevention feature if you need an extra layer of security.

Hexlock is equipped with the latest fingerprint lock features which take your security to the next level. You can check the Hexlock app review by going through that like.   DownloadQR-Code Hexlock – Sicherheits Sperre Developer: Liquidum Limited Price: Free+

Many of the smartphones come with a built in app lockers these days like we have in Oxygen OS.

Wrapping up, 

With the increase in the theft and smartphones attacks, you have to take care of your privacy and security. One of the easiest ways to fight against this act is by installing the best app lockers for android 2017 and configuring as per your needs. This helps you a ton!

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